One of the reasons why event planners find it so difficult to secure Warehouse venues in Melbourne is that they do not know the right questions to ask. To achieve best results, keep in mind the following 6 points:

  • Who is the target audience and what is the size of the guest list?

Before creating a list of event venues to look at, get to know who will attend your function and how many people you will invite. You will want to make sure that your venue is big enough to accommodate your expected guest list and is also suitable for the audience. If the event venue is too huge for your event, make use of a hotel partition or a decorative partition to recreate the space size. If your function is by invite only, ask for that your attendees RSVP (RSVP is a French acronym which means please respond) by clearly printing it on the invitation card, but be aware that many people do not respond so you might have to follow up with a telephone call.

Warehouse venues Melbourne

  • You should know how to cater to your target audience before you secure Warehouse venues in Melbourne:

Knowing the proper demographics of your audience is very important to the selection of your event venue. For case in point, know the average income of the attendees; know about their likes or dislikes; what they are accustomed to, and so on and so forth. If your audience is an assembly of CEOs then your venue should accordingly reflect their needs and tastes.

  • What exactly is convenient for your guests?

Selecting Warehouse venues in Melbourne has another challenge. The venue should be in proximity to where your guests live or work. Something to take into consideration is alcohol consumption and transportation. You do not want attendees to drink and drive so you should have free transportation options available after the culmination of the event so that they can get home safely or make sure taxis are ready when people depart from the venue.

  • Weather:

Keep a close eye on the weather and adjust your requirements and needs accordingly. For case in point, if you are organizing an event and it is supposed to rain, have umbrellas on-hand or tents for open, outdoor events.

  • Venue knowledge and experience:

Before you decide to hire Warehouse venues in Melbourne, ask them for a list of events they have planned, ask to see pictures of the events so you can see the different layout options, and ask for references. You may want to speak to some of the staff as well so that you know what expertise they hold and how accommodating, friendly and easy-to-talk-to they are. Find out the ratio of guests to servers, what they will wear during the event, and whether or not they can work overtime as and when needed. You will also want to know what the venue will take care of and what you have to prepare yourself, i.e. set-up, decorating, tear-down. The more ‘behind-the-scenes’ information you have, the better it is! Walk around the outside of such a corporate event space in Melbourne, and check for possible noise problems, where neighbours are located, is decorating needed outside the venue, a few of the possible hazards, where the fire exits are located, and drop-off or parking points for limousines, taxis or buses.

  • What other services does the venue provide you with?

Before hiring Warehouse venues in Melbourne get a proper list of other services they provide you with, such as the following:

  • Parking: Do they have their own parking facility? If not, is there any space nearby which can be used? Can you negotiate a better price for the event?
  • Limitations or Restrictions: Warehouse venues in Melbourne often have unstated limitations or restrictions which include points in decorating, photography/videographer, bringing in outside food like cakes, alcohol sales, and bringing in outside caterers.
  • Security: Depending on the size and type of your event, you may need to hire security. For extremely large scale festivals where the City/Township is involved in planning, you are often needed to have police, fire fighters, and paramedics on hand. Also make sure that the venue has fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, working fire alarms, and power backup. Be aware of where the emergency exits are and have an emergency plan ready in place. Do not overlook cell phone reception as you may need to rent 2-way radios to communicate with the staff.
  • Additional Services to be taken into consideration: Many Warehouse venues in Melbourne provides you with additional services such as catering, audiovisual services, floral arrangements, staging and lighting, decor for event production, transportation, ticketing, and sight-seeing for the guests.
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