Most of your wedding will be spent at a Warehouse Venue in Melbourne. This is the reason why picking the perfect spot is so important for the success of your wedding. Following are the top 5 tips for choosing the perfect wedding reception venue.

  • Before you even visit a Warehouse Venue in Melbourne, find out what is the total number of guests they can accommodate comfortably and easily. You will obviously want to avoid a site where your guests feel crushed together, but it is also important to select a space that will feel comfortable and intimate for a shorter guest list. The atmosphere of the party will be dull and the energy will be low if a vast space swallows up a smaller number of guests. Ideally, your guest list should, approximately, fall somewhere in the middle of the range the venue can accommodate. If you are on the upper end, you should be careful to ask about whether the maximum capacity is for a seated dinner or a buffet (some places might squeeze the tables closer together when they don’t need to keep a path clear for the servers).
  • Of course, the price is a significant consideration in choosing a Warehouse Venue in Melbourne. Find out not just what the price range is for the size of your wedding (there might be a range, depending on your choice of the menu), but also exactly what it encompasses. At some of the venues, the rental cost covers nothing more than space itself, leaving the bride and groom to employ the catering staff, bring in a huge number of rentals, and so forth. This would always add up quickly (as would a tent rental), so if budget is a primary concern, look for an all inclusive wedding venue.
  • Also, find out what your Warehouse Venue in Melbourne is willing to let you bring in. Do you have to make use of their liquor, or can you save money by purchasing your own alcohol from a wholesale warehouse? Are you to make use of the baker of your choice for the wedding cake? If you want to have a specialty menu (such as cuisine from Brazil or Indian food), will they work with a caterer from outside? These can be very important factors in determining the style and cost of your wedding reception.
  • Then, of course, there is style, which for many of the brides is one of the most significant things about a wedding reception venue. Take a look around, does the room (or the outdoor site) fit in with your image of a dream wedding reception? If you love glamour, plan to wear a satin ball gown with crystal bridal jewelry, and have an orchestra play for you, the Warehouse Venue in Melbourne needs to be grand and graceful. (Brides who love crystal bridal jewelry also love fancy chandeliers!) On the other hand, if you want to serve an organic vegetarian meal and have a bluegrass band, you require a space with a simple rustic charm, such as a farm. Both places are grand, but they are not grand for the same kind of wedding.
  • Finally, give some thought to the weather conditions. When you are choosing an outdoor Warehouse Venue in Melbourne, obviously you will require a perfect backup plan in case it begins to pour from the sky. Can a tent be set up outside? Or would you have to quickly move to an inside conference room? If you hate the backup plan, keep looking for more ideas. Take the views of Cheap wedding venues in Melbourne into consideration, as well. Many a time you must have attended a reception that had been held in a fairly pedestrian site that was chosen not for the charm of its interior decoration, but for the walls of huge windows with impressive views. The only problem would have been that there were fog and pouring rain on the very day of the wedding. The feature which the bride and groom had most enjoyed about their venue was completely obliterated by the weather conditions. Do not let this happen to you, pal!

Keep the above tips in mind, and you will be well on your way towards finding the right Warehouse Venue in Melbourne that will just be the best possible place to host your dream wedding reception. Happy hunting and wish you a happy married life!

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