Organizing an outdoor function – marriage, party or get together, is a great idea. Who doesn’t want to be the best host! However, if there are certain pitfalls, the entire function is spoiled. Why not follow some tips to organize an event in one of the best Outdoor function venues in Melbourne and be a great host:

  • Permission: If you are organizing your event in some local park, you should have a written permission for having so. The permission will be about organizing the event in the park, about trash removal, about photography, about lighting, about noise and so on and so forth. It is awfully important to have permission before organizing an event in Outdoor function venues in Melbourne.
  • Think about your guests first: Consider the weather before you think about planning an outdoor function. A proper arrangement should be made for any season. If it’s summer, there should be big electrical fans, ice cold water bottles, tent to provide shade, and if it is the winter season, you should have a proper arrangement in accordance with that particular season. Guests should be able to hear everything. It’s not that you alone enjoy your function, but the guests should also cherish the function. The place should be nice & clean, and the speakers must be adjusted at proper places so that each voice is audible to each guest present. This is the actual charm of Outdoor function venues in Melbourne.
  • Plan for Wind, Sun: Make sure that your tent stands up to winds if there are any. Your tent should be properly and firmly set. If the function is during the day time, make sure that the sun should be on the backside of your guests, and not troubling them by being in front of their eyes. The staff at the Outdoor function venues in Melbourne will help you with the setup.
  • Have a backup Plan: You should have a proper backup plan, for electricity and for rain. If in the middle of the function, lights, fans go off, it will create a mess at your event. And if it rains cats and dogs, the function will get spoiled. Why take a risk at all? You must keep a proper indoor arrangement. In case, at the time of the function, you feel that rain might occur; you can immediately change the venue and organize the function inside. Most of the Outdoor function venues in Melbourne should have this facility.
  • Bug Zappers should be made available: Bug zappers must also be placed to make sure that the guests are not offended and they do not spend the whole of the evening in swatting flies and mosquitoes.
  • Trash Removal: Have a proper arrangement for removal of trash. The trash shouldn’t be scattered here, there and everywhere. That will annoy and disappoint the guests and might also land you in trouble for not abiding by the rules of trash removal. You can hire a trash removal company that shall provide you with the services to clear out the trash and junk materials.
  • Decorations: Outdoor function venues in Melbourne should always be well decorated. You must pay a couple of visits to the venue few weeks in advance so that you can properly check out the grass, flowers and other things that matter. The place should look welcoming, elegant and attractive.
  • Food and Refreshments: Food is an essential part of any and every function. Generally, guests eagerly look forward to a pleasant and delicious meal during an event or a function. If the food tastes good, the guests feel satisfied and happy. Therefore, while choosing Outdoor function venues in Melbourne make sure to check whether they offer you catering services or you have to get them arranged on your own. If, in case, they provide you with catering services, check the quality of food being offered. After all, who doesn’t like good food!
  • Budget: Once you are well aware of your budget, you can easily look for an Outdoor event space in Melbourne. Once the budget is decided upon, list out the total number of invitees. Then search online for the location. Several venues can accommodate a large number of people. Today, outdoor functions are becoming popular too.
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