Every year, a large number of meetings, private events, corporate events, marriage parties, product launches, international conferences, marketing events, fundraising events, and many other events are held in the city of Melbourne. A corporate event space in Melbourne is perfect for organizing such events. These large event spaces are varied in numbers and you can choose the one that best suits your purpose.

A corporate event space in Melbourne comes in various budgets. Be it a large engagement party or a large corporate event, Melbourne offers many options to you for being able to host an event smoothly. Some of the most well-liked event spaces are used to hold big and important corporate events and are extremely costly. However, you will also find Warehouse venues in Melbourne that can be afforded by a layman to be able to host a particular event.

If you are planning to host a huge official event, it is wise to look for a large, ideal venue that you may rent. Following are some of the primary factors which you should take into consideration when looking for a corporate event space in Melbourne:

  • Cost: Different facilities charge you varying prices to make use of their amenities. Hence, it will be wise to compare prices to find out the one which best fits your budget. Keep the cost of the venue low to allow you more room in your budget for beverages, food, entertainment, and other miscellaneous expenses. You can also save money if you are flexible on the date, as there are particular days of the week when some of the facilities charge you low prices.
  • Food: If you plan to serve food, consider searching for a facility that has a kitchen to lessen your expenditure on dining. In most of the cases, facilities that don’t have a kitchen hire a catering company or allow the clients to bring in their own caterer or food. Other amenities which you should consider when booking a corporate event space in Melbourne, include audiovisual equipment, an internet connection, and clean up services.
  • Capacity: Your selected event space should be able to accommodate all your guests. More often than not, event spaces that offer food & beverages often have a minimum and a maximum number of people who they can serve. Having said that some can make special arrangements for you if you project that the total number of attendees might slightly exceed the maximum limit. Having all of this information beforehand shall help you choose the best corporate event space in Melbourne.
  • Location: Take your sweet time to consider the geographical location of the target audience. Ideally, the event space should be within a fair and reasonable distance from most of the expected guests. However, if most of your attendees will be travelling from outside the country or even state for that matter, it shall be ideal to host the event near their hotels or the airport.

Following are 3 tips on how to make the most out of a corporate event space in Melbourne:

  • Setting the proper Mood: The mood inside the conference, meeting, or boardroom should resonate flawlessly with the nature of your meeting. For case in point, a design company that wants to carry out a board meeting can decorate the area with cozy seating areas, posh carpeting, digital displays, and special lighting.
  • Having a Branding Alley is one of the benefits of a corporate event space in Melbourne: Create a branding alley to properly showcase your company’s sponsors & business partners. You may also go the extra mile and have someone to give out product samples, themed cards, and brochures.
  • Have a Mini-Networking Space is essential: This space shall give the attendees a great opportunity to network & socialize. It should have seats & a fast internet connection to smoothly facilitate the exchange of contacts.

The success of your event depends largely on the kind of event space that you decide to make use of and how you organise it. Take into consideration the above suggestions to be able to make the most out of a corporate event space in Melbourne. Batman Royale is a multi-space event space with a massive capacity to cater to a large crowd.

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